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SARAH (31)

Graphic designer

“I just had to do something with that box!” 

A job with crazy hours and doing as much fun as possible with friends in between: then you really need your night's rest. When I went to live alone, I searched online for the ideal mattress. Ideal for me is preferably not too expensive, but good quality. That's how I ended up on the FEASY website. One type of mattress and a clear overview of all properties. Ideal for an eternal doubter like me. Just choose your size. And also neatly delivered to the door. Useful. I do not have a car. That way I didn't have to drum anyone up.

Cozy single

I went for the cozy single. That's what I sometimes call myself. :-) The description convinced me completely. "The best friend for long sleepers" was added. That sounded like music to my ears. And he looked good too. That orange trim is super cool! I didn't have to test in a store. Although it was great that it was possible. But I immediately felt that such a FEASY was for me. It was also spot on in terms of budget! Delivery included.

Quickly helped

A few days later my FEASY was already at the door. On wheels, really. So I didn't need any help. I rolled the box straight into the elevator and pushed it up to the bedroom on the fourth floor. Unpacking was just as easy. Once out of the vacuum cover, the mattress put itself in shape, within fifteen minutes. I was surprised that the mattress was so thick. The sizes were listed online, but if you see it in real life, it is still impressive.

Good support

The real test followed the first night. I slept wonderfully. Soft yet firm. In the meantime I am really attached to my FEASY. And to the box. I made a nice magazine holder. On wheels yes. Handy when I have to vacuum. Well, living alone does not only have advantages. ;-)



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