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David (52) and Sofie (49)

Empty Nest-fighters

“You have to take care of a back of 52 years old”  

Our daughter has just left home. To combat the empty space syndrome, we needed a project. So we decided to transform her former bedroom into a guest bedroom. For our daughter and son-in-law and for our friends. They dare to stick after dinner. After a few weeks, the room was ready. Only the new mattress was missing. We pushed that on the long track. Until our son-in-law pointed us to FEASY. He recently helped a friend move, who had bought one online. It had stuck with him because of the box on wheels. That appealed to me. You have to save a 52 year old back every now and then (laughs)!

A trusted name

Since the lockdown, we have been buying things online more often. But a mattress, that was the first time. The website convinced us. And the manufacturer, of course. Velda is a trusted name, a company that has been around for years. Quality is a minimum requirement with us. 100% pocket springs with good internal air circulation and anti-bacterial coating: that already sounded excellent. Moreover, there was still that safety net: a return right if we were not satisfied. So we bought the king size double mattress online.

Pleasantly surprised

Our FEASY was already delivered a week later. Indeed in such a nice box on wheels. But it was especially the mattress itself that pleasantly surprised us. In fifteen minutes she had completely unrolled and sat down. That night we exchanged our bedroom for the new guest room. To test them out. My wife and I care a lot about height and weight. We both slept like a baby. As if we were at a hotel in our own house (laughs).

Worth gold

Meanwhile, our guest room has already received several guests. Our parents, our daughter and her husband, a friendly couple. They all looked good at the breakfast table. Some even complimented us on our FEASY. My mom thought it was a bit exaggerated that we spent so much money on a mattress in the spare room. Until I told them about the cost and the online purchase. You should have seen those faces. Worth gold! Just like our FEASY.



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