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1.      The warranty only relates to defects resulting from construction and/or manufacturing faults. If, under normal use of the product, a complaint would arise within 5 years of receipt as a result of a material or manufacturing fault, we guarantee the replacement or repair of the product.
2.      In case of replacement or repair, a regressive depreciation due to the use of the product is taken into account. The Consumer pays a contribution as follows: replacement or repair free of charge during the first 2 years of the warranty period, contribution of 40% during the third year of the warranty period, contribution of 60% during the fourth year of the warranty period, contribution of 80% during the fifth year of the warranty period. However, if the repair or replacement is impossible or disproportionate to the value of the product, Velda can also propose an alternative form of compensation (such as replacement by a similar product or financial compensation), taking into account the regressive depreciation in value.
3.      Any defect in the product must be reported to the customer service department ( within two (2) months of its discovery. Afterwards, any right to repair or replacement expires.
4.      In case of identified problems, a solution will be sought together. If the delivery has to be returned to Velda, this will be done in the way mentioned under article V 'return'. The costs of shipment from Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany are at the expense of Velda.
5.      In any case, you will not be able to claim any warranty:
  • for normal wear and tear of the product (the stiffness of a mattress reduces naturally, in particular a loss of height of up to 15% or a loss of core hardness of up to 20%);
  • for injudicious or abnormal use of the product or use of the product contrary to the purpose for which it was designed;
  • failure to comply with the instructions for use and/or maintenance;
  • in the event of mould (the development of mould on mattresses or cushions is due to the conditions of use, in particular use in an insufficiently ventilated room or in a room that is too humid);
  • in case of urine or blood stains or other visible contaminations;
  • in case of damage to the product due to intent or negligence;
  • if the product has been modified by you or in case of intervention by a third party not appointed by Velda;
  • in case of commercial use;
  • in case of force majeure.