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Get to know FEASY at a local dealer

Friday, June 26, 2020
Order your FEASY mattress fast and easy through our online shop. But don't you want to try out the comfort of your FEASY mattress first? Then you can always contact one of our local dealers. With our extensive network of sleeping comfort partners, there is always a FEASY dealer around you.

Best of both worlds

With our network of local dealers we combine the best of the off- and online mattress world. You can easily try out the FEASY mattress at your local dealer, but you don't have to drag and drop it afterwards. It can be quite a workout to get your mattress in place. If you order a FEASY mattress, the movement has never been so smooth. You just roll your new mattress to your bed, even when you live on the 4th floor. The box has handy wheels! Easy, right?

So feel free to drop in at one of our partners. They'd love to see you come. Ask for FEASY so you can admire its beautiful looks and try it out. But be careful not to try it out too thoroughly! We can't guarantee that you'll stay awake.

30 days right of return

If you don't need to test the FEASY first, just order it online right away. Within a week it will shine on your front doorstep. We know, the odds are slim... but if you're not completely convinced about your FEASY mattress, you can still return it free of charge within 30 days.

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