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Feasy by Velda

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
The FEASY mattress was developed by Velda. A Belgian family business with more than 65 years of experience. Quality, trust and sustainability. That's what Velda stands for. With more than 500 employees and an annual turnover of more than 95 million euros, it is one of the largest bedding manufacturers in Europe. The third generation is more than ever committed to innovation, resulting in the FEASY mattress.

Velda’s history

Velda is the beating heart of the family business Veldeman Bedding. The company is located in Oudsbergen in Limburg (Opglabbeek). The creation of Velda goes back to the year 195

After a meeting between a rope trader from Hasselt and the daughter of a furniture store in Opglabbeek, the ball starts rolling. They join forces and get to work. The rope is used to knot the steel springs of upholstered armchairs and so the mattress core becomes a fact.

The whole is finished with a top layer for more comfort, a solid base and an elegant edge. The first Velda mattress is born. From now on, rope trader Valère Veldeman is known as a mattress dealer. A first production workshop soon follows.

In 1989 the company is taken over by his son Marc Veldeman. Not long after, a number of innovative sleep concepts followed, new brands for specific target groups and the internationalisation of both sales and production. Even today, innovation remains at the forefront of Velda’s approach.

FEASY as new kid on the bed

The latest result of this innovation drive is the FEASY mattress. Just as qualitative as all other Velda products, but fast and easy via our online shop.

Buying a mattress has never been easier. You choose the desired size, order online and your FEASY will be delivered within a week! You roll the box to the bedroom and take out the mattress. When you open the vacuum cover, the mattress puts itself into shape. Let her breathe for fifteen minutes and you’re ready to go.

Would you like to test it before ordering? Then our dealers would love to see you come. So feel free to pop in, ask for FEASY and get to know its beautiful looks while you experience the comfort.

Be sure to take a look at the online shop and discover the range of FEASY mattress.

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