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The  Feasy  mattress

Refined finishing. Built for comfort. In four sizes.
FEASY. And you wake up with a smile.

100 % pocket springs

From head to toe: 450   pieces of first-class steel. 2 mm thick. No sneaky foam edge, but just extra sturdy sides (2.4 mm). This way you quickly get in and out of your bed. That's super comfy!

Height of 23 cm

Nice and thick. Exceptionally high springs of 17 cm and a cozy comfort layer of 6 cm adapt to each body. Pressure and back pressure in perfect balance. Stable and soft. Sweet dreams.


Treated with Argentum+, a technique based on silver ions. Bye bye bacteria! The high spring core guarantees excellent ventilation. No unpleasant odors, but FEASY fresh! No need to turn the mattress over. Sleep tight. The bed bugs won’t bite.

Designed in Belgium

So much quality and style. Also on the outside: mattress fabric made of 100% polyester, with beautiful quilting and a colorful edge of finesse. Developed by specialists. With love. FEASY is sustainable, reliable and fair.


90 x 200 cm

The cozy single within the FEASY range. And a true best friend for sleep addicts and other bed fanatics.

100/140 x 200 cm

Looking for something more? Nightmare or sweet dream: you'll have all the space you need.

160 x 200 cm

The queen in our range. Your best fit size for any queensize bed. And the cherry on top of your night's sleep.

180 x 200 cm

Pure luxury, but still a bargain. Our kingsize FEASY is majestically comfortable.


Velda. A name that stands for more than 65 years of craftsmanship in quality of sleep. People who lay their head down on Velda will dream comfortably. That is our promise as professional manufacturers. With FEASY we continue our drive for innovation. We target the internet generation, that leads a digital life and wants to recharge fully at night.

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FEASY is the perfect partner. He supports me, calms me down, looks good and ... gives me freedom during the day ;-) No, really, I love this mattress. You just notice that you are on quality. And that box, with those wheels: I live 4 high. So convenient. Yes, FEASY and I… we're on a roll!


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