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Not everyone has the same sleep rhythm. One person may not be able to get out of bed and the other only needs a few hours of sleep. Dr. Michael Breus defined 4 sleep types, each with their own sleeping pattern. Discover which animal matches your sleeping type.

Difficult sleeper? You are a dolphin!

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? And when you finally do, you wake up to the slightest noise? Then there is no doubt, you are a dolphin! This type of sleeper has the highest chance of a sleeping disorder.

But don’t be worried, as a dolphin you also excel. For example, you can work independently, and you are good at solving problems. Something to be proud of, because only 10% of the world’s population can count themselves to the group dolphin.

Tip from Dr. Breus: Start with some exercise in the morning and then have breakfast an hour later. You should be completely on fire between 1 pm and 5 pm.

Nap king or queen? You are a bear!

Do you get by with 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but you also like to hit the snooze button a few times? Then you are a real bear!

Napping during the day is heavenly for you, although your boss might be less amused. You can make up for that because you are a real team player. You get along easily with others, which makes bears excellent managers.

No less than 55% of the world’s population belongs to the bear family.

Tip from Dr. Breus: Leave the coffee in the morning and start the day with a glass of water first. Besides, as a bear, you are best off performing your tasks between 10 and 12 in the morning.

A real evening person? You are a wolf!

Are you the kind of person who can barely get out of bed in the morning? Do you have to set multiple alarms? Only gallons of coffee will help you wake up? Then you are a purebred wolf!

Because of this, you are not really productive until late in the afternoon. In addition, being tired past 9 pm is not for you. It will probably be past midnight or later before you go to bed.

The wolf pack covers 15% of the world’s population. Wolves are often regarded as the creative types among us, and you will therefore find them in that sector more often.

Tip from Dr. Breus: Set two alarms at 7 am, after which you immediately have breakfast and proceed to do a short workout to get started.

The king of the morning? You are a Lion!

You always wake up full of energy? In the morning you can hardly wait to start your day? Then you sleep like a lion! Anything but an evening person which makes you the opposite of a wolf. You are, therefore, best off to avoid them.

As a person you are optimistic, you set goals in life, and you are a real get-it-done person. Also, there is a good chance that you will take on a leadership position and are very analytical.

You lions, like wolves, make up 15% of the world’s population. Let the battle begin!

Tip from Dr. Breus: The ideal time for a lion to crawl into its den is around 10 pm.

Dolphin, bear, wolf, or lion? It doesn’t matter that much. They all start their day well-rested and full of energy after a night of dreaming on a FEASY.



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