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When to replace your mattress?

Freitag, 26. Juni 2020
8 hours a day. That is how much time we spend on our mattress on average. That makes your mattress one of the most important objects in your home. However, a lot of times we don’t give any attention to our mattress. Maybe yours is even due for replacement. But how do you know if your mattress needs to be replaced?

Suffering from neck or back pain in the morning

Are you suffering from neck or back pain in the morning? That could be a sign that your mattress is due for replacement. A mattress that has had its best time no longer provides sufficient support, this results in your muscles becoming tense.

The FEASY mattress has exceptionally high springs, up to 17cm! Pair that with a cozy comfort layer of 6 cm, and the mattress can adapt to everybody by itself. Pressure and back pressure in perfect balance. Stable and soft. Your spine, muscles, and joints will thank you.

Mattress hygiene

We sweat at night. One more than the other, but we all do it. Some of this moisture is absorbed by your mattress.

Skin fat and dead skin cells also end up in your mattress. This is perfect for dust mites and bacteria, but less pleasant when the mattress doesn’t smell fresh. That is why the FEASY mattress is treated with Argentum+. A silver ion-based technique. Say goodbye to bacteria.

In addition to the necessary support, the high spring core also guarantees excellent ventilation. No unpleasant odors, but FEASY fresh. It’s not even necessary to turn the mattress over from time to time. Sleep tight. The bed bugs won’t bite.

A “pit” in your mattress

A pit in your mattress? Then the mattress has collapsed. The potholes are created in the places where you lie most. If you have to turn more when sleeping, this might indicate a sagging mattress, and it is probably time for a new one.

This “pitting” occurs faster than most people think. It is best to replace your mattress after 5 to 10 years, although this depends on multiple factors. Bodyweight, perspiration, and maintenance play a big role, but the quality of your mattress places a significant role as well. Most rolled up mattresses you can buy online, consist partly or entirely of foam, this doesn’t give your body the needed support. With FEASY you get 450 pocket springs, made from first-class steel.

Is your mattress ready for replacement?

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